5 Ab Wheel Exercises For A Shredded Core

al kavadlo core Jun 18, 2024

The ab wheel is one of the best and most affordable training tools to build a rock hard and shredded core. 

The standing ab rollout is the ultimate goal with the ab wheel, which requires you to achieve a fully extended plank while starting from your feet.

The standing ab rollout develops anti-flexion, an enormously important quality for a fully functional core and body.

However, you'll need to build the requisite strength to work up to the standing rollout. 

Fortify Coach, Al Kavadlo, takes you through a series of exercises that will progress through challenging ab wheel variations to work up to a standing rollout, or anytime for a tough core workout.

If you're looking to get shredded, especially over the age of 40, check this out.


For more ab wheel rollout variations, see the video below from Coach Tanner Shuck.


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