2 Clubbell Movements For Better Strength, Mobility & Longevity

clubbells exercises longevity mark wildman May 30, 2024

Clubbell training is essential for any human interested in resilience, longevity, and optimal movement. 

There are certain movements and patterns that can only be done with a heavy club, and many of these movements are highly beneficial for health and performance.

Today, the world's leading clubbell instructor, Mark Wildman, shows two varieties of movements.

The first combines three traditional exercises together to make it one powerful sequence that will challenge your core and total body strength. This combo also improves hip mobility and overall posture for better movement.

The second combines the most essential club swinging movement, the Shield Cast, with a half-kneeling lunge, which will improve hip mobility in combination with shoulder and spine mobility.

Learn them both here, or get Swinging Strength Foundations from Mark Wildman to learn the fundamentals of heavy club swinging.

Heavy Club Pullover Squat Press

Two Hand Club Half-Kneeling Shield Cast

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