How To Do The Human Flag

calisthenics danny kavadlo human flag Apr 01, 2024

-written by Coach Danny Kavadlo

Picture this — a human being suspended, parallel to the horizon, glistening in the haze. Two hands choke a vertical pole.

Bones lock and muscles flex.

No other exercise compares in sheer magnificence to the human flag.

It doesn’t matter if you witness it for the first time or the thousandth. This combination of power and control leaves an indelible impression on the soul every single time.

If you're reading this then you already know what I’m talking about. Something about the human flag captured you and you’ll never be the same again.

Embrace your hunger; you'll need it. You see, the human flag is an advanced bodyweight exercise. You don’t see it often in the gym, as it's generally reserved for high level calisthenics practitioners.


Like the exercise itself, human flag training demands your full attention!

It's sometimes perpetuated that the human flag can be learned quickly by just about anybody, but the truth is that it can’t.

It can be learned only by those who have put in the prerequisite work of pull-ups, dips, push-ups and other classic exercises.

A strong baseline is needed.

I say this not to discourage you, but quite the opposite: to prepare you to succeed. The first step is to have a realistic and practical approach. The next step is to get to work!

The good news is that right now, you are getting a look at greatest resource ever composed on human flag training.

I wrote this book for one reason — so you can learn the human flag!

But programming is the most important part of achieving the flag. The foundational exercises work like a combination lock.

The order of the components is of equal importance to the components themselves.

Think about it. If you were attempting to open a combination lock, but you started with the last number instead of the first, then it will never happen.

The same is true with the human flag.

The last number is what unlocks it, yet this unlocking is only possible because of the previous steps.

This book contains the whole combination, as well as how to apply it — plus a lot more.

I’ve spent over a decade teaching advanced calisthenics to students all over the world. This experience gave me the unique opportunity to personally work with hundreds of individuals specifically on human flag training.

I’ve published six books on bodyweight exercise (including three #1 Amazon best sellers) and written dozens of articles about the flag. I've even taught the human flag virtually!

No one in the world has helped more people nail their first flag than I have. It’s kinda my thing.

In this book, I will reveal every aspect of human flag training with more detail and practical, hands-on information than has ever been published, including lead-up steps, how to get your first flag and even advancing beyond.

I will be with you every step of the way.

Detractors sometimes claim that the human flag is no more than a party trick. I disagree.

Human flag embodies everything that makes calisthenics great: ultimate strength, pure efficiency and clean minimalism.

It is only learned as it's earned, through countless hours of technical and muscular training, paired with the will to see it through.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!


Though the human flag demands a combination of skill, proprioceptive awareness and muscular control, it cannot be done without a solid baseline of strength.

You need to be good at classic upper body exercises. This calls for dedication and consistent hard work over time. Respect the process. There is no shortcut.

I suggest the following as a minimum standard before one can reasonably embark on the human flag. Each should be executed with perfect form in one unbroken set.

10 Perfect Pull-ups

-Controlled tempo -Full range of motion
-Overhand grip -No kip or swing
-Straight legs


30 Perfect Push-ups

-Controlled tempo
-Full range of motion
-Hips in line with shoulders
-Abs engaged


Get the ultimate guide to learning the human flag from Danny Kavadlo here.


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