Master The Basics of Rotational Strength with These Clubbell Exercises

clubbells mark wildman rotational training Jul 08, 2024

Rotation is the foundation of most human movement, yet most people neglect rotational training.

Many train in straight lines with linear movements like squats, presses, hinges, and pulls. 

Yet, most daily movement, walking and running, and nearly all athletic movement, throwing, hitting, and sprinting is rotational.

Many injuries are also the result of tissues that aren't prepared for rotational forces, or force that enters the body at odd angles.

By adding rotational training you can improve athletic performance and functional strength while reducing injuries and building resilience.

The first two rotational moves you must master before advancing are the Side To Side Swing and the Heavy Club Inside Circle.

Coach Mark Wildman explains how to do both in the videos below.


Clubbell Side To Side Swing



Clubbell Inside Circle



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